1973 Honda CB125 City Scrambler

Custom CB125 that delivers maximum grins per CC.

With Honda’s recent revival of small displacement retro favorites, we were looking to build a similarly approachable bike, but with that little extra character that you get from a custom motorcycle that was actually born back in the ’70s. We knew we could build a bike that was appropriately sized for a shorter rider without looking like a toy, and would be an absolute blast to ride.

With an overall “city scrambler” theme, we went to work. To accommodate fat dual sport tires, we fitted a complete CB360T fork, complete with disk brake. We also lengthened and stiffened the stock swingarm to make room for an 18″ rim and large rear tire. A custom subframe was also fabricated to clean up the lines of the bike and provide a comfortable seat height. Metal fabrication was rounded out with custom headlight and speedometer brackets, a custom battery tray, front and rear fenders and mounts, and a custom skid plate.

The bike’s original 6-volt electrical system was upgraded to 12-volts, and all of the lights were fitted with LED’s. Being kick-start only from the factory, we were able to utilize a small nickel metal hydride battery pack to power the lights when the charging system output dips during idle.

The customer brought her own well thought out ideas to the table when it came to the paint design and color scheme. The original CB125 tank was cleaned up and custom painted to help see her vision come to life. As always, it was a rewarding collaborative process.

Everything to achieve this finished bike was completed in-house — design, metal fabrication, paint and powder coating, upholstery. We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

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  • Complete front fork and disk brake from Honda CB360
  • Custom subframe and extended swingarm
  • Custom fabricated battery tray mounted under seat
  • Custom seat pan and seat upholstery
  • Custom fabricated skid plate
  • Custom headlight and speedometer brackets
  • Shortened front fender and custom fender mount
  • Stainless steel cone muffler
  • 18” wheels with oversized aluminum rims and dual sport tires
  • 12v conversion with LED lighting
  • Custom designed and painted tank graphics
  • All of the little, big details

Creativity & Craftsmanship

We pride ourselves on creativity & craftsmanship — finding unique ways to re-purpose parts and hardware, striking just the right balance between a variety of materials. By letting function drive form, we’re able to achieve an industrial style that looks like it works hard, and hard work is a beautiful thing.