Customs & Restorations

Customs & restorations allow us to bring a huge variety of skills to bear — design, fabrication, metalwork, paint, graphics, mechanical. This combination of skills and extraordinary attention to detail produces beautiful work.

Custom Industrial Style Furniture

Our custom furniture is designed to be beautiful, but you can’t look good without working hard. These hefty pieces artfully combine wood and steel, and add a sense of hand craftsmanship to any room.

Design & Fabrication

Creativity and “can-do” drives us. Taking on big ideas and solving problems with our heads and our hands is what we love to do. What’s your big idea?

Upcycled Spark Plug Coat Racks

Upcycle in style with our Dwell Spark Plug Coat Racks. Available in a variety of popular colors, these coat racks let you bring your passion for gears and grease in from the garage.

Creativity & Craftsmanship

We pride ourselves on creativity & craftsmanship — finding unique ways to re-purpose parts and hardware, striking just the right balance between a variety of materials. By letting function drive form, we’re able to achieve an industrial style that looks like it works hard, and hard work is a beautiful thing.

Let’s Talk

If you have any thoughts or feedback, we’d love to hear it. Better yet, if you have a project idea that you’d like to explore, contact us to brainstorm or discuss it.