Dwell Spark Plug Phone Stand


We're keeping the fire alive with these Dwell upcycled spark plug phone stands. Get power delivery to your mobile phone through this beautiful handmade phone stand. They also make a great gift for that gear head in your life!

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Let your high octane passion for cars and motorcycles spill over to your night stand or your desk at the office. Our Dwell upcycled spark plug phone stands are hand made from welded steel, and finished in a durable clear powder coat finish. The high-speed USB cables passes power and data through the spark plug, right through to the micro-USB or Apple Lightning plug for your mobile phone. 3′ of nylon braided USB cable gives you plenty of reach to connect the phone stand to your computer or USB power outlet.

Keep in mind these stands make use of old spark plugs that we source from a variety of places. We work with local shops and individuals to keep these old spark plugs out of the landfill. There’s no way to guarantee what type of plugs your stand will come with: AC Delco, Motorcraft, Bosch, Denso, NGK, Champion, Screamin’ Eagle.

Height: 8″
Width: 2″



Micro-USB, Apple Lignting


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